Ian Andrew

Ian AndrewIan was born in Northern Ireland in 1966. At eighteen, he joined the Royal Air Force; and served for twenty years in a variety of posts, eventually ending his career as an Air Force Intelligence Officer. Throughout his Service he had the pleasure of working alongside some “marvellous, if slightly wacky folk” that he still feels lucky to call friends.

On leaving the Service he relocated to Western Australia and established a training and management consultancy. His rural home is surrounded by a resident mob of Kangaroos who bounce past his house each day. They remind him of his previous colleagues.

His first novel A Time To Every Purpose, an alternative history, was published independently in 2014 and gained positive critical acclaim. His Wright and Tran series of detective novels was launched with the publication of Face Value in 2015.

 What others say:

“In a market inundated with so many books, it is a relief to find an author like Ian Andrew, who is more than just the sum total of his attributes – there is something prodigious, an elusive extra that makes his work special. It also helps that, for a self-published author, his work is well-written, professionally presented and blessed with quite exceptional story-telling skills.” (Elaine Fry, Book Reviewer, Western Australia)

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