Hi all,


Apologies that we have been so remiss in updating the website, we’re working on fixing that! We promise there will be much more information to come now that we are so close to this year’s event! CrimeScene will take place on the 1st and 2nd of October.


We  have been lucky enough this year to be able to secure Candice Fox and Emma Viskic as our guests. Following on from the success of her three novels, Candice has recently had an opportunity to be able to co-author with renowned James Patterson. Emma’s debut novel Resurrection Bay has been creating a huge splash everywhere. Come along and meet our fantastic authors!


As usual, we are looking at putting together a strong scientific stream. Professor Simon Lewis an Hadyn Green will both be presenting case studies and various other speakers have been lined up wiht a range of fascinating topics.


We’ll have ticket sales information up shortly so that you’ll be able to purchase your tickets before the event. Jay is currently going through and working all these details out.


Let us know if there are particular topics you want us to cover and we;ll see what we can do. We hope to see you at crimeScene!

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