Joint RACI/ANZFSS Presentation

RACI/ANZFSS Joint Presentation
”Forensic Science on Trial – The Omagh Bomb Investigation.”

Presented by Associate Professor James Speers , Murdoch University
where he is developing degrees in Forensic Science & Investigation

In 2007, the Director of the Northern Ireland Public Prosecution Service put
Man X on trial for the murder of 29 people. The evidence against him was
based on many years of forensic work by the best scientists within the UK.
However, intense investigation and scrutiny by the Defence Lawyers and
scientists into the practices and procedures for the recovery and storage of
the exhibits by the Police and the testing of evidence by Forensic Scientists
meant that the Police & Forensic Scientists themselves were on trial. The
outcome of the Omagh Bomb Trial had far reaching consequences for the
role of the Expert Witness and the methods they apply.

This is a joint ANZFSS/RACI lecture and will probably have many attendees. Advanced booking is recommended. Go to: to register.

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