Guest authors!

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make crimeScene’s lineup a stellar affair. We are very pleased to be able to announce our authors!

Headlining this year will be Michael Robotham, Livia Day and Julie Szego. International best seller Michael has managed to fit us into his very busy schedule! Livia is the alter ego of award-winning blogger, podcaster and fantasy writer, Tansy Rayner Roberts. Julie Szego used to be a journalist for The Age and has just released a non-fiction novel. We are incredibly excited about these authors and their involvement with us this year.

Along with our headline authors, we will also see a return from Tony Cavanaugh. Tony apparently had such a good time last year, he wanted to come back this year. Local authors who will also be involved include Dr Stephen Dedman, Lee Battersby and Lyn Battersby.

As well as our huge line up of authors, we are also pleased to announce that Alisa Krasnostein, owner of Twelfth Planet Press, will also be involved with our programme and will be doing a couple of panels for us. In particular, Alisa will be doing a panel which will be looking at what publishers want.

The programme is looking fantastic! We can’t wait to share our scientific stream with you and to show you what will be on offer this year and hope that you are just as excited as we are about our upcoming programme!



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  1. sounds fabulous! i’ll start applying for grants today.

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